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Antique -- Rolls Razor Imperial Model with Extra Blade

Antique -- Rolls Razor Imperial Model with Extra Blade

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razorAntique -- Rolls Razor Imperial Model with Extra Blade 

Description: This innovative safety razor console, which was extremely popular during the Great Depression, was designed to make maintenance as simple as possible. The console itself is silver, with a beautiful "Greek Key" pattern etched into its surface. Both the top and bottom panels are removeable. On the inside of one: red leather. This is for stropping the blade. On the inside of the other: whet stone, for honing the blade. Along the inside of the two sides of the console are tracks, into which the honing/stropping handle and shaft are fixed. You attach the blade you wish to sharpen/strop to this shaft. When the leather panel is attached, you use the handle to pull the blade over the leather. When the stone panel is attached, the mechanism only allows you to push the blade back and forth. This ensures that you will not ruin the leather by accidentally pushing the blade into it, and that you won't waste your energy dragging the blade uselessly back and forth over the whet stone. The set also includes a collapsible stem for the blade.

Condition: Good -- it's age and use show; both the leather and stone are worn but still seem effective. Impressive considering this thing is over 90. The outer leather shell is heavily worn down. The label is no longer legible. But it is still functional and sturdy. The silver of the console is tarnished and scratched. This could be improved with vinegar and baking soda (,them%20with%20a%20microfiber%20cloth.). Likewise for the blades, which are still sharp. The stem is stiff. You should be able to loosen it to attach the blade. Currently this is difficult, likely due to heavy tarnish as well. 

Dimensions: 6(L) x 2.75(W) x .75(H)"

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