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RARE -- Daniel Egerton en Mexico, Vistas de Mexico, Spanish Edition

RARE -- Daniel Egerton en Mexico, Vistas de Mexico, Spanish Edition

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Description: This oversize collection of beautiful lithograph prints was printed in Mexico in 1971. It has an introduction by the esteemed Mexican art historian, Manuel Romero de Terreros, that describes the making of Egerton's original drawings on a journey through Mexico in the 1830s. 

Condition: Used, fairly well-worn: the top of the binding is unstitched slightly. Something was spilled on the upper right corner, discoloring the pages up through the end of the introduction. None of the prints themselves are affected by this, however. Some of the prints have become slightly discolored simply due to age. See pictures for details.

Dimensions: 24.75" x 18.75"

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