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Rare Hand Carved, Hand Painted Wooden Goose Sculpture

Rare Hand Carved, Hand Painted Wooden Goose Sculpture

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Rare Hand Carved, Hand Painted Wooden Goose Sculpture

Description: Gorgeous hand carved wooden goose sculpture. Expressive etchings give feathers a liveliness and folksy elegance. Color palette is reminiscent of the Egyptian Goose, which lives throughout North African and more temperate parts of Europe. Etching pattern is reminiscent of some French wood carvings. Signs of wear enhance the rustic antique vibes. Singular design. Proportions beautifully rendered, though the style of the carving makes it clear the artist was not going for realism but for a more iconic representation of the bird. 

Condition: Excellent. Some wear on the base. There seems to be a name written on the base that is largely scuffed out now. There is one long crack in the lowered wing, near the tip. There is another, smaller crack on the same wing, near the middle. 


   L: 17.5"

   H: 12.25"

   W: 7.5"

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