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Rare Vintage Movado Leaning Elliptical Desk/Mantel Clock

Rare Vintage Movado Leaning Elliptical Desk/Mantel Clock

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Rare Vintage Movado Leaning Elliptical Desk/Mantel Clock

Description: Beautiful crystal clock from Movado. Comes with all original packaging. Angled at around 80 degrees from the perpendicular. The movement is quartz. Made in Taiwan. If you look through the side of the crystal body from a certain angle you can see a pooled rainbow. Classy addition to your living room, parlor, or office. Wouldn't it be nice to check the time by looking at something pretty and shiny that's not your phone?

Condition: Pre-owned -- excellent; there are a few tiny tiny scratches near the base that don't appear in photos; requires one AAA battery


   Height: 7.5"

   Width (between the bottom left and top right corners): 7.5"

   Depth: 2"

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