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Universe Point

NIB - Universe Point Men's Black Microfiber Ankle Cleats - Size: 13.5

NIB - Universe Point Men's Black Microfiber Ankle Cleats - Size: 13.5

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Universe Point’s cleat is made of mostly premium materials. The top of the cleat is a synthetic microfiber leather which is known to be breathable yet durable. A perk of this type of leather is that it is antibacterial and anti-mildew which will help extend the life of the cleats and also cover up your horrendous smell over time. The sole is made of a dense thermoplastic polyurethane, customized to maximize durability. The new 2.0 cleats removed all of the design seams on the upper part of the shoe making it far more durable, water resistant, and improving the overall look and design of the shoe. 

Overall the quality of these cleats far exceeds their price tag. This a premium product and should be a necessity for any serious Ultimate player. 

Designed for Ultimate Frisbee

Outdoor grass & Turf fields only (not for indoor fields)


No longer produced

Suggested Retail: 189.00

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