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VTG -- Lot of 8 Avon Cologne and Aftershave Decanters

VTG -- Lot of 8 Avon Cologne and Aftershave Decanters

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VTG -- Lot of 8 Avon Cologne Decanters

Description: Eight beautiful, nostalgic figujral decanters from Avon's 70s/80s era. No boxes included. Great set for those collectors looking to fill out their stock.

Individual decanters and their respective conditions:

   Canada Goose. Nearly full. Paint on the beak is chipped. No paper label. "Avon engraved into glass at base. 

   Green Bell. Nearly full. No visible damage. No paper label. "Avon" engraved into glass at base, along with year of production, 1978.

   Chess Knight. "Smart Move" Öland Cologne. Empty. Some scuffing on plastic stopper. 

   Stage Coach. "Wild Country" Aftershave. Nearly full. Some chipping on paint of plastic stopper. 

   American Eagle Pipe. "Tai Winds" Cologne. Empty. Scratch on the gold band at the base of the platic pipe-stem stopper. Some scuffing on plastic dome over pipe's bowl. 

   Green Mallard. "Spicy" Aftershave. Empty. Some chipping/scuffing on plastic head stopper. 

   Golden Angel. "Sweet Honesty" Cologne. Some discoloration on the angel's head. Some of the paint on the body is chipped. 

   Cabin. "Wild Country" Aftershave. Empty. Paper label is slightly discolored. 

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