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ANTIQUE/RARE -- Civil War Era Frosted Amber "Sharpshooter" Glasses

ANTIQUE/RARE -- Civil War Era Frosted Amber "Sharpshooter" Glasses

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ANTIQUE/RARE -- Civil War Era Frosted Amber "Sharpshooter" Glasses 

Description: There's no way to be sure what exactly these were used for, though they are commonly referred to as "sharpshooter" glasses, many collectors and buffs presuming they were distributed by the US Army during the Civil War to proto-sniper units, which were an innovation of the late 19th century. It's believed the frosted perimeter of the lenses would have made it easier for the shooter to focus on their target. Other's have suggested they may also have served medical or leisure purposes.

Regardless, they are a fascinating item of the era. Comes with a 

Condition: Pre-owned -- excellent; no rust on the frame; some small scratches on the clear portion of the lenses; a few dark spots on the frosted portion of the left lens

Dimensions: 5.75" across when folded; earpieces are 5.5" each

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